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Chef JP
Executive Chef

Chef John Paul Iacobucci (JP) was named executive chef of M at Miranova (M) in January 2019. Chef Iacobucci’s professional path began as a dishwasher when he was 16. He ultimately fell in love with the fast pace of the restaurant industry and quickly worked his way up.

While attending Columbus State Community College’s Apprentice Program in 2009, he became a line cook at Martini Modern Italian (Martini). From there, he was promoted to sous chef at Ocean Prime Dallas and eventually moved back to Columbus. He joined the Martini team once again, this time as a sous chef and was eventually promoted to executive chef. Most recently, Iacobucci served as the executive chef at The Guild House.

Iacobucci traces his love of cooking back to his childhood with his large Italian family in Marion, Ohio. He has fond memories of visiting his grandmother, picking fresh herbs and vegetables in her garden and learning to make pasta, meatballs and sauce from scratch. Although Iacobucci loves learning new cooking techniques, his favorite culinary style is still Italian and his favorite dish to serve to family and friends is spaghetti with tomato sauce.

He says that all chefs can benefit from a hunger to learn more and from striving to do better. With a decade of experience with Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, his mission is to constantly learn more about his ingredients and where they came from.

Iacobucci resides in Reynoldsburg. Outside of work, he enjoys playing golf, listening to rock and roll, and spending time with his children.